The American Redoubt

The American RedoubtAmerican Redoubt

You may or may not have heard about what’s being touted as “The Great Redoubt” or “The American Redoubt.” This term refers to a movement quickly becoming popular across the United States. The movement focuses on our region which includes, Idaho, Wyoming, Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, and Montana. It’s an effort of relocation for many Americans that feel that the United States government has taken a turn, and not necessarily one for the better.

The individuals that have adopted this movement feel that the cities in which they reside across this county are quickly loosing both the freedom and safety they once had. These are Americans that enjoy the fact that our country has always been rooted in freedom as outlined by the Constitution.

Motivating Factors of the American Redoubt
There are many factors that are inspiring this movement. Witnessing what has become of many European countries in the last several years is of great concern as we see terrorist attacks unfolding on a nearly regular basis and the media has expressed that it’s the new norm. That’s simply not acceptable to many Americans.

This election has garnered more attention and enthusiasm than many in the past as it seems that this time America really is on the brink of a new future and a future that many people are not ready to accept.

This American Redoubt is quickly being adopted by people that are often referred to as “survivalists,” those that desire to be self sufficient and feel that the second amendment needs to be protected at this time.

Others feel that the United States could quite literally suffer a complete economic break-down such that hasn’t been seen since The Great Depression. Now unfortunately we’re starting to hear rumblings of potential war with Russia as this news was released today: Russia Suspend Nuclear Agreement with US. It really is all quite concerning and if it weren’t all coming true it would simply say that it was fear mongering. The simple fact is that things are changing and quite quickly.

Who Are the Re-doubters
It’s important to keep in mind that this is not a racial movement but one born more of an ideology. Many of those that are taking steps to relocate to this region consider themselves Christians, they feel that at this time in America a persecution has begun. It would be best to realize that many in the movement do not necessarily identify with a religion but more an “American-Spirit” as they see a future where governments are persecuting not only certain religious groups but individuals who simple feel that America itself is under attack.

Recently the American Flag has been banned at high-school football games. At NFL games certain players are refusing to participate in the singing of the National Anthem. Now we see these things happening after what almost became the real movement and that was one where all people of all cultures and religions were beginning to realize that something was wrong in our Government. Democracy Spring is/was it’s name and it seemed that as soon as it started to gain traction other movements sprung up from almost no where but were heavily funded. If I didn’t know any better it looked to be a divide and conquer strategy implemented by someone or something.

Regardless of your stance it’s plain to see that things in this country and world are changing rapidly and those that are paying attention are taking steps to protect themselves.

If you reside in the regions mentioned and start to notice an increase in the population, this movement could be part of the reason.





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